Spot the Turkeys (Santas, Easter Bunnies, etc.) Game Instructions

Game Coordinator:  Use twenty 8" by 11" sheets of paper to prepare in advance cartoonish colored sketches of Turkeys or Santas or Easter Bunnies which fill up the whole sheet.  Cut out the individual seasonal characters.  Number them 1-20 on the front with a bold marker.  On the back write A-T, not coordinating 1 with … Continue reading Spot the Turkeys (Santas, Easter Bunnies, etc.) Game Instructions

Back To My Arms

A restless son left his Dad's embrace / To live life on his own. / He turned away from his Father's house / And love he once had known. / He fulfilled the dreams of each desire / But still ached with emptiness. / So, regretting wrongs, he went back home / And smiled through tears when his Dad said...

Where Are You?

In times of turmoil around us--hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, mass flooding, unparalleled fires--and within us--sickness, disease, death, accidents, addiction, poverty, crime--many individuals cry out, "Where is God?"  Particularly anguished are families who lose innocent children. This is not a new question.  And I'm sure I don't have new answers.  I certainly will not have answers … Continue reading Where Are You?

Gems Out of the Mouth of a Babe

The innocent honesty of small children lends charm even to life’s not-so-pleasant inevitabilities. I hope you enjoy the following scenarios. One day when my three children, my mother-in-law, and I were having lunch at a modestly-priced restaurant, it became apparent that my four-year-old daughter was staring intently at her grandmother’s face. “What are you looking … Continue reading Gems Out of the Mouth of a Babe

To Mend A Heart

Keeping pace in a crowded race / With plans laid out for my stride, / I saw off the path a wounded heart / And I almost passed it by. / Yet while others ran on, I walked alone / Not knowing what price I’d pay / For walking a road never taken before / But with love, I looked for a way...

Bionic Nonny!

My playful ditty BIONIC NONNY [pronounced NAH'nee} explores the wonderful age of medical miracles in which we live! What surgeons can repair in a broken or degenerate body is amazing! Surgery, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities are certainly not what I think of when I contemplate a pleasant experience or a time of vacation.  However, after … Continue reading Bionic Nonny!